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You deliver metal-stamped components to industries like automotive, aerospace, medical, and heavy equipment, among others. Your customers demand that you produce larger quantities of complex parts with a faster turnaround time. We get it—and have the experience and expertise to help.  

Our metal products provide the strength, durability, and wear-resistance necessary to ensure your dies and machines never fall short of your customers’ expectations.



Stamp of Approval

We help you produce a high volume of identical metal components at high speeds and low costs using the right material and services such as:


Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard Grinding makes a big difference for die plates and parallels. This method offers a fast solution when compared with precision grinding methods.


Cutting Services

We specialize in cutting material to your required size. That means purchasing only what is needed for your project.


Let us take uncertainty out of the metal-buying process and help deliver the product you need with our fast delivery and efficient procurement.



Plate Burning

Non-Stock Procurement

Production Cutting



Tool Steel