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Decarb Free Tool Steel Supplier

What is Decarb-Free Tool Steel?

Decarb-free (DCF) tool steel is material that has been ground top and bottom and is oversized to finish on the thickness or diameter.  DCF offers excellent wear resistance, combined with good deep hardening characteristics. Its ability to show low distortion or movement in heat treatment makes this material an excellent product for many tool room applications where size stability is critical. 


Chemical Composition

Carbon (C)

0.48 – 0-53

Manganese (Mn)

0.70 – 0.90

Silicon (Si)

0.15 – 0.30

Phosphorus (P)


Sulphur (S)


Chromium (Cr)

0.80 – 1.10

Vanadium (V)




Southern Tool Steel is a decarb-free bars, pipes and sheets supplier and our inventory is available in a variety of forms, including:

  • A2 – Rounds, Flats, Squares, & Plate
  • D2 – Rounds, Flats, Squares, & Plate
  • S7 – Rounds, Flats, Squares, & Plate
  • H13 – Rounds
  • M2 – Rounds
  • O1 – Rounds & Flats
  • DC53– Plate & Hot Roll Rounds

What is Decarb-Free Tool Steel Used For?

Decarb-free tool steel is used for fabricating equipment such as:

Key Features of Decarb-Free Tool Steel

  • Excellent machinability 
  • High compression strength 
  • Abrasion resistance 
  • Non-deforming properties
  • Deep hardening 


Heat Treatment






1,450° - 1,550° F

2,100° - 2,200° F

1,725° - 1,775° F

1,150° - 1,400° F

@ 350°F typical hardness Rockwell “C” 62.
@ 950°F typical hardness Rockwell “C” 48


At Southern Tool Steel, we are committed to being the best-in-class decarb free tool steel supplier. Our broad range of quality materials and services is available for distribution nationwide with no minimum order required. 

Contact our service team today for more information on our decarb free bar, pipe & sheet services or contact us to discuss your specific needs.