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Tube Laser Cutting

  • Tube Laser Cutting
Tube Laser Cutting

As part of the Ryerson family of companies, we offer processing capabilities that our competitors can’t match. Among them are tube laser cutting machines that will cut tube, channel or structural shapes to length while also adding holes or complex cutout designs—all in a single step.

 Our tube laser manufacturing capabilities give our customers the ability to replace manual processes and optimize the cutting process. 

No downtime or extended lead times: By combining a tube mill and tube laser in a single facility, we can move your project through each stage with no gaps or delays. We are a full line service center that will:

  • Process the metal
  • Produce the tube
  • Fabricate to your specifications 
  • Ship you the end product 


All types, all shapes: This three-dimensional cutting machine will cut carbon, stainless, aluminum and red metals; in round, square, rectangular and irregular shapes.

Eliminate secondary operations: A tube laser can cut a piece to length and add holes and other cutout designs in a single step, eliminating the need for secondary actions and manual material removal. You gain the ability to hold tight tolerances on more complex fabrications. Parts can be produced from one continuous piece of raw material to ensure that they only fit one way and are easily assembled. We can tube laser aluminum, stainless steel and carbon.


We’ll supply the metal—and process it.

Round Tube Diameter Range

 minimum 0.5" - maximum 9.5"      

Square Tube Size Range

 minimum 0.5" - maximum 8"

Rectangular Tube Size Range

 minimum 0.5" - maximum width 8"

Maximum Bar Weight

 27 lbs. /foot (35 kg/meter)

 Maximum Length 

 24 ft


Shaping your solution

Ryerson's team of experts works with you to design a program specific to your needs. We'll look at how your part is currently being produced, assess its application or end use, and work with you to identify and deliver on your specific requirements.

Reduce Cost

Shape laser technology allows for a complete customization and cut-to-length capabilities in just one step. Finished or semi-finished parts are produced from raw material.

Simplify your business

No need to coordinate multiple orders and vendors. STS can handle everything from material procurement to past delivery.

Broaden design options

Ryerson's team of experts can work with you to develop innovative designs that can improve aesthetics, increase functionality and deliver new products to market faster.

View our short video below to see how Southern Tool Steel and Ryerson are solving manufacturing problems today.