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Blanchard Grinding

Are you trying to ensure that your tool steel, alloy, or hot roll carbon material will fit the required dimensions of your project?

One option to consider is Blanchard Grinding (named after the Blanchard Machine Company). Commonly known as surface grinding, this method can help achieve flat and parallel surface finishes by removing excess material. To provide material ground to the specified thickness with tighter tolerance.

What Is A Grinding Machine?

With Blanchard Grinding, material is held in place on the machine using magnets. A wheel mounted on a vertical spindle rotates in the opposite direction of magnets. Both sides are ground in order to achieve flatness/parallelism and to bring material to the desired thickness with tolerance

Here is a closer look:

What Are The Advantages Of Grinding?

Depending on the size of the material, Blanchard Grinding:

  • Offers a fast solution when compared with precision grinding methods, which are often more time-consuming but can achieve a more precise finish to the material.
  • Can be a more cost-effective option versus other grinding methods.

Blanchard Grinding with Southern Tool Steel

Southern Tool Steel uses 42" and 84" rotary surface grinders that have the capability of finishing up to 72" diagonal, as well as a 12,000 lb maximum weight limit.

We work with tool steel, alloy, and carbon steel and typically do not perform production grinding jobs. This means our lead times are quicker than others in the market.

Blanchard Grinding with Southern Tool Steel will achieve tolerances of roughly +/-.005

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